Method of preparing a justification and economic plan for banking facilities

Relying on the knowledge, experience and expertise of its industry experts, Andishegaran Jame Iranian Industry Company can help you in preparing justification and economic plans in pharmaceutical, medical, food, biotechnology and chemical industries and provide an accurate estimate of the amount and type of your investment. It will optimize your investment. Manufacturing and assembly of machines for production lines of pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology and chemical industries is done under the supervision of company and foreign engineers.


Bank points in reviewing machines

The following are the main points regarding the inspection of machines that are considered by the bank:
Proforma number and date and its validity period (Validity).
Matching machine capacity with design capacity (taking into account efficiency).
Coordinating the capacity of selected machines and equipment with each other and the production line.
Possibility of using domestically made machines and equipment (removing domestically made items from Proforma and guiding applicants to use domestic machines).
- Check the location map of the machines.
- Expert assurance of the completion of the production line and the required machinery.
- Description of the production process and compliance with modern technologies.
- Providing production guarantee in the capacity and quality accepted by the seller.
- Check the energy required to operate the machinery (water, electricity, gas, wind, etc.) and Utility measures required to supply energy.

- * Documents and reasons of the buyer in choosing the seller (preparing and presenting comparative offers of other manufacturers and providing technical and price comparison tables).

- A review of the status and background of the seller of machines in the world and Iran (presentation of sales reference).
Awareness of after-sales service and customer satisfaction (previous buyers).
- Control and accuracy in cases such as transportation, installation and commissioning, personnel training, payment terms, construction time.
* This item can be filled optionally and its absence does not disrupt the process.