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Andishegaran Comprehensive Iranian Industry Company :It is a clean room manufacturer that designs and Build a clean room (clean room) And dependent equipment, using specialized, experienced and knowledgeable personnel in the pharmaceutical, food, health and biotechnology industries, tries to deliver high quality projects to the level of global standards by using the latest methods and the latest standards..   Why the comprehensive thinkers of Iranian industry? The company employs specialized personnel. Experienced and knowledgeable in the pharmaceutical and food industries and biotechnology tries to use the latest Methods and the latest standards, high quality projects and delivered...
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Andishgaran History

Andishegaran Comprehensive Iranian Industry Company was established in 2008 with the aim of improving the technological level and expanding and developing scientific and specialized knowledge in the field of industrial projects, including all its components, and implementation and construction of industrial standards in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and food industries..


Andishegaran Jameh Sanat Iranian Company has been able to obtain the representation of reputable foreign companies by providing technical and engineering consulting services, basic and detailed design and transfer of technical knowledge of industrial automation systems, food industry, pharmaceutical health industries, design and holding foreign and domestic seminars and conferences. It became a well-known brand in the country and the region.


During this period, the company succeeded in obtaining a validation certificate, GMP, a letter of appreciation from the Ministry of Treatment and Medical Education, a new pharmaceutical composition process and teaching the principles of the new pharmaceutical composition process, and won the first rank in the country..


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