about us

about us

Andishegaran Comprehensive Iranian Industry Company :It is a clean room manufacturer that designs and Build a clean room (clean room) And dependent equipment, using specialized, experienced and knowledgeable personnel in the pharmaceutical, food, health and biotechnology industries, tries to deliver high quality projects to the level of global standards by using the latest methods and the latest standards..


Why the comprehensive thinkers of Iranian industry?

The company employs specialized personnel. Experienced and knowledgeable in the pharmaceutical and food industries and biotechnology tries to use the latest Methods and the latest standards, high quality projects and delivered to global standards Therefore, in order to deliver standard projects, customers should do so in the following different phases Use the knowledge and science of the day, as well as the products of reputable companies in the world to achieve It uses the desired quality. This work strategy and modern project management are key In hand(Turnkey) And the EPC will definitely set the company apart from other peers in the pharmaceutical and food industries And distinguishes biotechnology.


1-Design phase

In the design phase, including basic design and detailed design (Detail Engineering)، The company uses the latest software for design and simulation, which is used in the world. By simulating drug and food production plants, design problems and weaknesses on paper are corrected.

It will give the investor and producer a dynamic dynamic dynamic of production, space and facilities, and Based on that, the project employer will view the desired plan and a contract will be concluded with the employer.. Modern software in the world such as CFD, Solid work and installation computing software Which will provide a three-dimensional model and calculation of the design of the project.

Participate in production projects, clean rooms, facilities and equipment placement before installation and simulation Environmental conditions and construction and.. Uses the above software. This is to determine the design competence (Design Qualification) Will also be used.


2- Phase of supply of pharmaceutical equipment, food industry, biotechnology and other modern industries:

To provide the equipment, the company is not limited to the performance of international partner companies.The method of working in the company is that the best devices are delivered to the customer in terms of quality and quantity .

In this regard, considering the years of experience inside and outside the country and familiarity with different production lines, Prepare a URS document or as the users desired profile ( User Requirement Specification )For devices and production lines and a comprehensive or macro project document (Project Master Plan) For the project seems to Different phases of the project as a roadmap to help the employer to achieve the desired goal Also, the equipment is provided in accordance with the standard and desirable of the user of the project and in some cases constructive fraud Reduce quantity and quality to zero.


3- Project installation, implementation, commissioning and testing phase:

In pharmaceutical and modern projects due to the sensitivity of the project to the acceptance of global standards, Requires testing and qualification (qualification) In all stages of project life (Project Life cycle) From the beginning of the design phase to delivery. Accordingly, participation in this type of project in addition to testing devices at the factory (FAT) Together with the representative of the employer and the manufacturer, he performs various tests of devices and linesTo identify and fix line problems if they exist before shipment.

Inspection Before delivery and testing at the project site employer simultaneously with the installation (SAT) And then installation qualification tests (IQ) And operational competency tests with startup (OQ) And finally, validate the tests It will be done in PQ and process phases. All the above test phases in the comprehensive document (Macro) Validation Project ( Validation project Master pla) Fable is tracking and seeing This document is a guideline for testing and qualifying and Validation Is a project.

We do not claim to be the best, but we are glad that the best chose us.