Clean Room

Clean room What is ? And in what cases is it used? Design and construction A clean room is a room where the concentration of particles in the air and the temperature, humidity and pressure must be controlled.. Also, it must be designed and constructed in such a way that the entry of particles and also if their survival is low. As it turns out, the room is clean or clean (cleanroom) Also, clean room equipment is one of the services Which the comprehensive think tank of Iranian industry has made and dealt with in a very specialized and strong way.What is the use of a clean room in sensitive industries and production lines such as : Electronic and Microelectronics Industries,Pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, food industry and … Is used.


Clean room equipment

Clean room products can be:

Clean room door (Clean Rome) , Clean room clothes, interlock dependent system,Making all kinds of clean room doors completely flashed And compatible with cGMP with aluminum frame and UPVC at a reasonable price and their interlock systems with easy installation Clean room hall (Clean Rome)،Clean room furniture ( Clean Rome) Air shower Air clean room ( Clean Rome ) Clean room air conditioner , Filter unit, weighing chamber, clean room windows, box, post trox, Shelf table, monitoring system, HEPA and ALPA filters, Air Shaver system, HEPA box filter,Flooring, pvc curtains, air showers, laminar hood,Channel ducting and filtering of steel equipment and … Cited.

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. Design and construction of air conditioners and related facilities
Design and construction of air conditioners and related facilities

Design and construction of conventional air conditioners, package units and hygienic air conditioners for pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and food industries in accordance with EURO-VENT standard and condensing units and related equipment.   Important points about air conditioners 1. The...

. Ducts and related facilities Clean room
Ducts and related facilities Clean room

Design, manufacture and implementation of preinsulated, galvanized and steel ducts. Pre-insulated ducts of TD Australia, PAL and ALP. Duct tests in accordance with American SMACNA standard Supply of filters, valves and diffusers in different types and sizes.   Design, construction and...

. CFD simulation of clean rooms
CFD simulation of clean rooms

CFD Computational fluid dynamics is widely used in various industrial fields related to fluid, heat transfer and fluid transfer. These include the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, turbochargers, the nuclear industry, the military industry, the oil and gas and energy industries, clean...