Quality Assurance And Validation

In pharmaceutical and modern projects, due to the sensitivity of the project to the acceptance of global standards, it needs to be tested and qualified. (qualification) At all stages of project life (Project Life cycle) From the beginning of the design phase to delivery.

Accordingly, participation in this type of project in addition to testing devices at the factory (FAT) Together with the representative of the employer and the manufacturer, he performs various tests of devices and lines so that the problems of the lines, if any, can be identified and resolved before shipment.

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. ISO ۱۴۶۴۴
ISO 14644

MAJOR 14644 Clean room classification according to Iso1 standard 14644 Clean room or to clean the clean room is classified according to the level of clean air inside it . The clean room class corresponds to the level of cleanliness of the room according to the amount and size of particles in...


GMP is the optimal principle of production or (GMP) The standardist is used in the pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare and food industries and establishes optimal production conditions to ensure product quality and safety of employees and consumer health safety, as defined by the World Health...