Sandwich panel is made of allozinc or galvanized sheets with polyurethane foam, XP foam and polystyrene foam. They are taken and made together. And as the name implies, its like a sandwich They are connected. These panels are used in the architectural and construction industries of all kinds of buildings and facilities to reduce costs and increase speed Energy resources are used. In fact, they are a very suitable alternative to brick and cement materials. One of the things that builders are interested in today is the weight loss of structures. In general, sandwich panels have different uses:


There are three types of panels :

1- Ceiling panel

2- Wall panel

3-Cold house panel


Ceiling panel

This panel is used in the construction of all kinds of roofs of factories, sheds, production workshops, medical centers and … Is used.


Wall panel

This type of panel is used for wall construction.


Cold house panel

From this panel due to heat and cold insulation in a variety of industrial cold houses and car refrigerators Food transportation is included. Three-layer sandwich panels are of higher quality and its insulating foams are made of foams such as poly. Yurtan is made of polystyrene, XPS, rock wool or glass wool. And sandwich panels are high quality factors. Because moisture, cold, heat, direct light, and earthquakes are highly resistant .


Maintenance method after installing the sandwich panel

Substances such as chemicals and acids and solvents such as hydrocarbons reduce the durability and life of the structure.. Polystyrene sandwich panels are known as the cheapest sandwich panels due to their affordable price. It has its own partners .

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