Hygienic AHUs are used in clean rooms of various industries. Air Handling Unit is a device consisting of various components that is made to provide air conditioning and healthy with the aim of achieving the appropriate temperature and humidity. Ventilators are one of the main air conditioners. Hygienic air conditioners are designed with standard components and its various parts are made in such a way that they can be sanitized, disinfected and cleaned. These types of air conditioners are used in the pharmaceutical, health and hospital industries to provide clean or sterile air and are very different from conventional air conditioners or air conditioners.

The main components of a typical air conditioner include the following equipment:
1- Air inlet damper
2- Fan and its chamber
3- Seismic
4- Cooling and heating coils
5- Filter housing
6. Air outlet damper

These components are designed and manufactured in hygienic air conditioners with special precision and special standard. The following are some of the main design features of hygienic air conditioners:

1- In hygienic air conditioners, Foley system and belt should not be used, only plug fans or direct silent coupling should be used.
2- It is better to use Siemens or Korkavo and Nicotra Italy electric motors, thermal class, F protection class above IP55
3. In hygienic air conditioner coils, the number of fins per inch should not exceed 8.
4- In all the internal body of the air conditioner, 316 L stainless steel sheet should be used for construction.
5- Do not use shock absorbers if possible.
6. The system must be capable of cleaning and disinfection.

Andishegaran Jame Sanat Iranian Company is the first manufacturer of hygienic air conditioners for pharmaceutical, health and hospital industries. Hygienic air conditioners of Andishegaran Jame Sanat Iranian Company have a three-year warranty and five to ten years of after-sales service.


Air conditioning standards

  • BS standards regarding body construction, air leakage from the body, thermal efficiency and pink insulation of the body of air conditioners
  • A comprehensive handbook of air conditioner and fan design from the valuable TDP Carrier book series
  • American IECC & ICC Design Standards
  • Ashrare 90 standard
  • AMCA standard for fan and air conditioner motor placement
  • Standard construction and testing of air conditioners from AHRI
  • Standard construction and testing of rooftop packages from AHRI
  • Eurovent standard for energy consumption of air conditioners
  • BS standard for fans
  • All standards for HEPA, ALPA, bag and هوا air filters (clean room, operating room, etc.)
  • PowerPoint Ashrae training seminar on air conditioners in 2016
  • All classification and efficiency standards of air conditioners from AHRI
  • Standard manufacturing and approval of air conditioning heating and cooling coils
  • Standard construction and approval of air-to-air converters to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioners
  • The latest version of the Ashrae standard for air conditioners taken from the System and Equipment Handbook 2016
  • Application book of standard and hygienic air conditioner control systems


Hygienic air conditioner design

Designing a hygienic air conditioner requires special knowledge and expertise. To build and design a hygienic air conditioner, various equipments with special efficiency must be used.

Special knowledge and expertise is required to design a hygienic air conditioner. These devices also charge more because they provide us with sterile and complete air purification. Hygienic air conditioner can be used in special sections. These products are structurally quite similar to conventional air conditioners.

How to design a hygienic air conditioner? What are the requirements to build such air conditioners? In the following, we will review and evaluate this issue in general.

Hygienic air conditioner, which is also known as hygienic air conditioner, is quite similar to conventional air conditioners in terms of structural features, but the efficiency of this product is very high and its use can provide 99.99% of clean air. It is necessary to use such air completely clean and free of any pollution in many cases. The most important applications of this product can be found in:

Pharmaceutical companies
Food industry
Clean room design
Some chemical industries

Named. The construction of hygienic air conditioners requires special expertise and knowledge, since these types of air conditioners are to be used in special environments, there are different standards for their evaluation.


Check the design of hygienic air conditioner

Hygienic air conditioners use completely advanced filtration and sealing, and this factor can make the air quality more desirable. Hygienic air conditioner package includes hot and cold pipes that are connected to the boiler and chiller and the power supply for the operation of this device is provided through these two devices.

Various companies around the world are active in the production of hygienic air conditioners, and each of these companies designs products with a specific standard and special quality. The equipment used in the construction of these air conditioners has a significant impact on its final price. Hygienic air conditioner components:

The body of the device
Electric fan and motor
Thermal coils
Device filters
UV lamp
is. Due to having a strong filtration system, this device is able to completely eliminate suspended particles and dust in the air.


Cost of creating a hygienic air conditioner

The cost of designing a hygienic air conditioner, as mentioned in the previous section, depends on several factors. When special equipment is used to build it, the requested cost will be much higher.

It is worth mentioning that the offer price for hygienic air conditioners is also very high compared to conventional air conditioners, therefore, they can be used only in special circumstances. Using these products in all sectors is not economically viable. Today, in order to optimize the efficiency of these devices, manufacturing companies plan to use different filters that consume less energy.


Dos and donts of hygienic air conditioner design

Hygienic air conditioner has given us the opportunity to be sure of sterilizing the air and its complete purification. These devices have high power, do the desired ventilation in a very short time. To buy this type of product, be sure to target reputable companies and centers so that you can be sure of their efficiency.

Hygienic air conditioner design is not without defects. This device requires:

Cost of more repairs
More installation costs
More filtration replacement cost
This has limited their efficiency and use. If a good solution can be found to reduce these costs, then we can benefit from the benefits of these products in different sectors.

In clean room projects, for some reason, return air can usually not be used, and therefore the system in most cases uses 100% fresh air. So in such cases, the issue of energy consumption, control, efficiency and energy recovery is raised and is very important. In Hygienic Air Conditioner, Andishegaran Jame Sanat Iranian Company has always tried to prevent losses as much as possible in different parts of the device. In the construction of the air conditioner, very strong and high quality profiles, fittings and parts are used. Some features of hygienic air conditioners of Andishgaran Sanat Iranian Company.
* Stainless steel shells and components.
* Detachable components for easier use.
* PVC fittings and corners.
* The space between the box components is completely aerated.
* Use of HEPA and ULPA filters, UV lamps, and ozone for high-efficiency super hygienic air conditioners with the ability to absorb 12 ٪ microns to disinfect ventilated air
* Sealants around hygienic air conditioner doors are fully ventilated.
* Fully ventilated in air damper or aluminum blades.
Very strong cabinet in accordance with hygienic air conditioner standards.
* Observing the DIN standard for the construction of the device and the ease of internal cleaning and all parts of the device
* Using a full belt fan or direct coupling with high efficiency in the air conditioner
It should be noted that these air conditioners in hospitals as hospital air conditioners or in laboratories (laboratory air conditioners)
In the seed production and breeding hall (seed hall air conditioner) in extremely sensitive halls for the production of special equipment (electronic equipment hall air conditioner), factory air conditioner, and in medicine production (medicine hall air conditioner) ……. And all centers that need clean air can be used.


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