What is a pass box and what is its use?

The pass box is designed and built to control contamination when transferring equipment to a clean room or clean room, and controls the entry and exit of equipment into a clean room and the tools and materials used. A pass box is a place where the equipment needed in a clean room is placed to minimize the contamination that enters the clean room.
Usually in a clean room in pharmacy and medical equipment, hospitals, laboratories, in a clean room of food industry and its equipment and packaging, in a clean room of cosmetics industry, and in a clean room of electronics and microelectronics industries, etc. Application has it.


Types of pass boxes

1- Passive bax passive (without ventilation) which is usually used between two clean Roman spaces.
2- Active pass box (with ventilation) which is usually used between clean and non-clean Roman space.

Technical specifications of the pass box

• Its inner walls are made of stainless steel, which can be easily cleaned.
• Has an interlock system.
• Washable and easy to clean. A very special design is applied on the door frames, profiles and electrostatic or plated paint coatings.
• Complete sealing of door and glass profiles with antibacterial silicone adhesive
• Ability to produce in different sizes and dimensions and with different applications for customers.
• Can be easily installed in a clean room and adjoining clean room.

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