Clean room portable Portable Clean Room This means that the device can actually use fans Where it is created, Airflow from top to bottom, due to HEPA filters before entering indoor air flow, that place or environment By international standards and up to 1000 class or Iso6 , Delivered. In this environment, laboratory and pharmaceutical activities can be performed 2 filters are available with very high accuracy and reliability :


Primary or first filter

The primary filter is the primary or pre-filter that is located at the beginning or before the fans . It prevents very fine, microscopic and dust particles from entering the LAF hood chamber.


Secondary filters or a second portable Clean Room filter

These filters are among the main filters . Which is placed after the fans.
These filters are of HPA type h13 series. Which can absorb suspended particles in space,

Thats why they have a set interval of about 4,000 hours .

The fan of this device is located on top of it and the number of fans in it is different . These fans are spiral type And with a range of 1700 cubic meters, a total of 3400 cubic meters has been installed.

The frame and body of the portable clean room device are made of iron profile, which is resistant and anti-corrosion.
UV lamps are used inside to keep the interior sterile. It can be controlled by the board of the device.

And it can be turned on and off and its time can be adjusted by the software board.

The device is moved using wheels made of polyamide . They are placed under the bases of the device and are very resistant to pressure and weight. LED lamps are used inside the portable room.

The internal environment of the device Clean room Portable by PVC curtains that are bright and transparent And they have antibacterial properties that are separated from the outside environment

Andishegaran Comprehensive Iranian Industry Company with the aim of trying and persevering with the promotion of technical, laboratory and pharmaceutical services In order to produce a clean portable room, it brings the highest quality.

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