Design and construction of air conditioners and related facilities

Design and construction of conventional air conditioners, package units and hygienic air conditioners for pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and food industries in accordance with EURO-VENT standard and condensing units and related equipment.


Important points about air conditioners

1. The air speed on a cold coil is usually 500 feet per minute and in humid areas 400 feet per minute.
2. Cold and heat loads are calculated by carrier software.
3. In hygienic air conditioners, the pulley and belt system should not be used, only plug fans or direct and low coupling should be used.
4. Electric motor made by Siemens or Corkavo and Nikotra Italy, thermal class F, protection class above IP54 is used.
5. In hygienic air conditioner coils, the number of fins per inch should not exceed 8.
6. 316 L stainless steel sheet should be used in the inner body of the air conditioner.
7. Air conditioners of Andishegaran Jame Sanat Iranian Company have one year warranty and five to ten years after-sales service.

Air conditioner is a product of the company of comprehensive thinkers of Iranian industry, which with effort and work strategy and

Modern and high quality management in line with global standards in various phases using up-to-date knowledge and science

Delivers clean room and desirable projects to customers in the field of pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries.

The company relies on the principle of quality and quantity of equipment to supply equipment and is not content with the performance of international partner companies.


pass box clean room

To design the latest software for design and simulation that is used in the world; The company works with modern software in the world such as CFC, solid work and utility computing software that provides a three-dimensional model of design; and presents the project with the best quality. In pharmaceutical and modern projects, due to the sensitivity of the project to be accepted, international standards require testing and qualification at all stages of the project. In this type of projects, in addition to testing the devices at the FAT factory, together with the representative of the employer and the manufacturer of the items, it performs various tests of the devices and lines. To identify and resolve line problems, if any, prior to shipment.

Pre-delivery inspection and IQ installation competency tests and operational competency tests are performed along with QQ commissioning and finally validation tests in PQ and process phases. All phases of the above test can be tracked and viewed in the comprehensive macro document validation of the project, which is used to determine the eligibility and validation in the project.

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