In this article, we intend to provide information about the design of the food industry production line. If you are looking to get information about the design of the food industry production line, join us in this article. The design of the food industry production line is very important and should be Its design has the necessary standards to ultimately have the highest efficiency.


Familiarity with food industry production lines

Food industry production lines are one of the most important production lines in a country. In many countries, achieving self-sufficiency is the result of high quality food industry production lines. In our country, food industry production lines are of great importance and value, and since there are suitable natural conditions in our country, there is a good opportunity for investors to achieve the necessary productivity by launching food industry lines. First of all, it is necessary for investors and executives to be aware of the importance of designing food industry lines.


Design of food industry production line


Design of food industry production line

In the definition and conceptualization of food industry production line design, we can say that food industry production line design is in fact a relationship between the circulation of materials, people, data and the establishment of appropriate methods to have a harmonious set looking at high efficiency and economic conditions. Is established. In a simpler definition, we can say that the purpose of designing the food industry production line is to find the most appropriate physical relationship between machinery, manpower, material circulation, warehousing, service and welfare. In order to achieve the maximum economic efficiency to achieve this goal, it is necessary to transfer the flow of materials in the food industry production line in a very short time, reasonably and in the best conditions. This is important because the less material produced in the factory, the less time it will take to absorb costs.


The importance of designing the food industry production line correctly


The importance of designing the food industry production line correctly

Designing food industry production lines correctly and appropriately can be described as follows:

In the processing of materials, fluid movement is formed, which is called Material Handling.

Physical coordination and acceptable order is established between all devices, materials, people and the site.

The transfer of equipment is done optimally and we will also see good mechanics and appropriate operational methods in production in order to create focus and dynamism.

Using the patterns, the devices are programmed in a good order that will perform the material circulation with the highest principles, which will result in cost reduction.

When the design of the food industry production line is principled, with the reduction of costs, the cost price will be lower and the profit will increase.


Design feature of suitable food industry production line

What are the features of designing suitable food industry production lines? A good design used for production lines should seek to establish the desired economic balance between all areas of production, maintenance, building establishment, safety, environmental issues, protection and future forecasts.


Tips on designing food industry production lines


Tips on designing food industry production lines

Due to the fact that in the food industry, the equipment and devices used are in direct contact with different foods, so it is necessary that the material used for equipment and supplies has a high resistance to acidic and alkaline environments and the possibility of clean It can also be easily provided. The main alloys used in the food industry are stainless steel.

Another important point to consider in this type of design is to use pneumatic and electronic technologies. It is necessary to have a completely hygienic environment in the production lines of food industry and to create a completely hygienic environment without the slightest pollution. Therefore, the use of industrial oils, greases and other lubricants is not accepted, therefore the type of bearings selected should be considered.

In the design of food equipment and industries, the use of canned bearings can be a great option to prevent possible contamination. By using these bearings, we will see two advantages: first, that foreign materials will not penetrate into the bearings and will not interfere with their work, and second, that when the bearings need lubrication and they are greased and oiled. In this case, these materials will not leak out of the bearings, and as a result, we will not see food contamination in the food industry lines, and the hygienic principles will be observed at the highest levels, and you will have a production line with standard characteristics.

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