MAJOR 14644 Clean room classification according to Iso1 standard 14644

Clean room or to clean the clean room is classified according to the level of clean air inside it . The clean room class corresponds to the level of cleanliness of the room according to the amount and size of particles in each volume of air.
Classification Clean room According to the Iso standard 14644 is. This standard includes classes Iso6, Iso5, Iso4, Iso3, Iso2, Iso1, clean room, Iso8, Iso7, Iso9, is, with the cleanest Iso1 and Iso9 dirtiest class (But still cleaner than a normal room).The most common classes are Iso7 and Iso8.


Classification based on small particles

The standard for clean room standards is a micrometer or micron, which is the size of the particles to be filtered.


Clean room classification and changes in the air every hour

Air purification is achieved by passing air through HEPA filters. Most air passes through HEPA filters. Fewer particles are placed in the air of a clean room. The volume of filtered air in one hour is divided by the volume of the room and gives the number of air changes per hour.


Iso8 floor standard 100000

Lets assume that the space is classified(Office or laboratory ), Iso9. In this case, you can enter the ISO room directly without an air lock . However, depending on the production process inside the clean room, you may have to add a dressing room.


Iso7 standard 1000 floor0

If you need an ISO 7 room, you must have an air-conditioned room / Iso8 dressing room before entering the Iso7 room.


Iso6 class standard 1000

In this theory you must enter an Iso8 standard Clean room Be. Then go through Iso7, until you finally get to Iso6.


Iso5 class clean room standard 100

For an Iso5 air safety device, you must enter a clean room through an Iso8 standard. Then go through Iso7, then an Iso6, and finally an Iso5.
The Iso5 Clean Room requires one-way airflow.

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